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Snapshot 022

This week, the Warpcast team revealed their plan to collaborate with Coinbase Wallet over the next few weeks, with the goal of onboarding new users to Farcaster. Adding to the excitement, David Furlong, one of my favorite developers on Farcaster, launched Farcaster Discover weekly, a Spotify playlist automatically populated with all the Spotify track links shared on Farcaster.

Oh, and guess what? I've been playing around with a little something called Linkcaster. It's a simple web app I cooked up for exploring links being shared on Farcaster. Take a peek!

Cover Art: "Timeless" by @ghostlinkz.eth

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Snapshot 022 (Dec 03 - 09, 2023)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 40,864
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 17,213

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