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Snapshot 023

This week has been both busy and wild, marked by a flurry of new releases and a surge of degen energy. To kick things off, let's dive into some electronic music that will set the tone for the fantastic content awaiting you below. We'll begin with some important announcements:

Invite your friends with Warps
Direct casts are now on web
Gift Warps to your favorite Outcasters
Introducing Sign in with Neynar
All Zora NFTs can now be minted with Warps
New Farcaster docs website is here
Channel creation is now permissionless

Cover Art: "Cyberpunk 92375" by @ghostlinkz.eth

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Snapshot 023 (Dec 10 - 16, 2023)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 48,770
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 19,690

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