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Snapshot 028

Hello there! Welcome to week 28, an experience through David T Phung's curation of "__EXIT__" and the launch of his new series "space(times)place," where the language of architecture speaks through diverse mediums. Beginning with the song "Fridays at the Park" and the cinematic track "2009" by Mac Miller, this collection mirrors the essence of sonic exploration and explores the meaning of "space" within Farcaster. As the playlist sets the mood, dive into the seamless integration of the digital and real worlds at the FarCon 2024 launch, announced last week—a model for transitioning from URL to the IRL experience, enriching the vibrant tapestry and creating moments that foster connections within this social network that we cast in. So have fun, flow and uncover hidden gems like the delightful coffee easter egg cast, words on capital, and connectivity to this immersive exploration of spaces and sounds.

Cover Art: (etahighlandpark)exit(12292023) by David T Phung

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Snapshot 028 (Jan 14 - 20, 2024)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 61,433
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 24,259

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