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Snapshot 030

This week's snapshot is curated by my favorite Awkquarian on Farcaster, who has been actively involved in the Web3 space since 2018. Born in 1997, Rakshita considers herself a true digital native. Her on-chain journey has led her to various communities such as Shefi, Boysclub, Kernel, Warpcast, and now Galverse, where she dedicates a significant amount of time engaging with the community. Rakshita wears many hats, serving as a storyteller, artist, community builder, and an active participant in various community initiatives. Additionally, she hosts the "we 💖 Art" group chat and the /proofofwork channel on Farcaster.

On the professional front, Rakshita specializes in brand experience design and marketing. Her venture into NFTs began in early 2021, and since then, she has minted several collections, including a comic book. Currently, Rakshita is developing her second comic book project, "Coven Classics," featuring her Sad Girls NFTs as protagonists. This project recently secured a grant from Shefi x Octant. The goal is to create compelling graphic novel reading experiences on the blockchain with her artist friends, have fun experimenting, and build innovative projects in Web3, all while forming a Coven in the process.

Online, Rakshita enjoys spotting design, marketing, and news trends, especially in Web3. She is passionate about reading fan fiction, trendspotting, digital comics, manga, fashion, pop culture, memes, and storytelling.

Offline, she finds joy in nature walks, jamming with friends, painting, experimenting with new offbeat crafts (even if she quickly abandons them, like her pottery and pole dancing obsessions), spiritual reading and travel (immersed in Hindu and Buddhist religious texts and art), writing stories, enjoying social gatherings in Delhi, and cooking restaurant-quality food for her loved ones – a skill that her friends won't let her forget.

Favorite Farcaster channels: farcasther, boysclub, art, manga-anime, community, outside, and july. Favorite people on Farcaster: borodutch, adrienne, keccers.eth, july, ted and rileybeans.

Cover Art: "Framing My Thoughts" by Rakshita Philip

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Snapshot 030 (Jan 28, 2024 - Feb 03, 2024)
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