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Snapshot 031

This week, Farcaster experienced another surge in growth, with a current total of 171,060 registered users. However, this growth has brought challenges, as the network has been flooded with spam and low-quality casts, making curating this week's snapshot particularly tough. Nevertheless, I managed to get it done, so here are a few important highlights before we get into the visuals:

Farcaster has introduced a brand new homepage, designed by achal. There are now over 2922 channels for users to explore. The Warpcast home feed has received a much-needed update based on feedback indicating a decrease in feed quality. Users can now create token-gated group chats on Warpcast, and Dan recorded a quick video walkthrough demonstrating the process. Additionally, Warpcast direct casts now support replies, which should enhance the overall group chat experience. It is now possible to mint NFTs with warps directly from inside a frame on Base and Zora chains. The frames spec now includes a changelog so users can stay updated with the latest changes. The frames page in the Farcaster docs has also been updated with a list of commonly used resources to help users get started with frames. And if that's not enough frame content, Varun has recorded a video showing how to create and ship a linktree frame quickly using ChatGPT, Replit, and Warpcast's frame validator.

Cover Art: "Winter Shadows" by ghostlinkz.eth

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Snapshot 031 (Feb 04 - 10, 2024)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 1,515,589
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 622,020

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This week Outcasters surpassed 1000 newsletter subscribers. To commemorate this milestone, we've decided to drop a free-to-mint NFT, which is available on the Base chain for 30 days. There are 1000 copies in total, with 84 of them airdropped to previous collectors.

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