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Before we jump into the visuals for this week, here’s an important Outcasters update:

Due to the recent increase in Farcaster user registrations and network activity, manually filtering out bots and spammy accounts each week to compile a meaningful top 30 active users chart has become excessively time-consuming. As a solution, I will now share two weekly spreadsheets containing raw data for:

Top 1000 most active users, including replies
Top 1000 most active users, excluding replies

Additionally, each Outcasters snapshot will include a dropdown menu highlighting the top 10 new Farcaster channels of the week, alongside charts showcasing the top 30 channels ranked by total casts. In the final segment, we’ll transport you back in time with 5 curated casts from this week last year (TWLY) and reveal our pick for the best cast of the week. This cast will be minted as an NFT and available for collection for one week, adding to our Farcaster Artifacts collection on Zora.

I will continue to engage in discussions and listen to feedback from users of the network to ensure that Outcasters remains valuable to subscribers and delivers meaningful highlights of Farcaster culture.

Cover Art: "The Beautiful Curse" by ghostlinkz.eth

Outcasters is a weekly newsletter curating visual snapshots of Farcaster culture. Experience a collection of captivating images that serve as gateways to intriguing discussions inside a vibrant social network, enabling you to embark on deeper explorations.

Snapshot 032 (Feb 11 - 17, 2024)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 1,275,798
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 363,831

Data compiled using Neynar
For more metrics visit

This week, 717 new channels were launched on Farcaster, with 251 of them having 10 or more casts in total. Here are the top 10 new channels:

  1. castersocial - 4757 casts 

  2. gloomtoken - 1476 casts

  3. kudasaijp - 1414 casts

  4. superbowl-lviii - 1160 casts

  5. itookaphoto - 1052 casts

  6. playwildcard - 887 casts 

  7. casterschool - 833 casts

  8. farmcaster - 637 casts

  9. bestplaces - 564 casts 

  10. houseofdegen - 521 casts

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