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Snapshot 033

This is Outcasters Snapshot 033, covering the week of Feb 18 - 24, 2024. During this week, the Farcaster network made 1,184,547 casts including replies, and 357,983 casts excluding replies.

Total New Users 13,946
Total New Channels 498
Top 1000 Active Users Including Replies
Top 1000 Active Users Excluding Replies

Here are the top 10 new channels:

  1. sketches - 1002 casts 

  2. exprmntl - 990 casts

  3. coolanimals - 743 casts

  4. flora - 668 casts

  5. trains - 494 casts

  6. dropframe - 487 casts 

  7. visioncasts - 473 casts

  8. topcast - 469 casts

  9. earnwithnectar - 426 casts 

  10. fid-punks - 521 casts

Cover Art by ghostlinkz.eth
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