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Snapshot 035

This is Outcasters Snapshot 035, covering the week of March 03 - 09, 2024. During this week, the Farcaster network made 1,488,658 casts including replies, and 286,166 casts excluding replies.

Total New Users 4737
Total New Channels 287
Top 1000 Active Users Including Replies
Top 1000 Active Users Excluding Replies

Here are the top 10 new channels:

  1. higher - 8879 casts 

  2. ogs - 7035 casts

  3. stabler - 6016 casts

  4. light - 5814 casts

  5. ga - 2025 casts

  6. lower - 1974 casts 

  7. samantha - 1911 casts

  8. conspiracy-point - 1501 casts

  9. onchaincoin - 1491 casts 

  10. degenladies - 978 casts

Snapshot 035 is curated by Cameron Armstrong, who is building automatic creator pages and frames with They're on a mission to empower creators, helping them accelerate their growth in revenue, subscriptions, or any other metric they're looking to boost.

Outside of work, Cameron's passions include writing, lifting, playing guitar, and creating internet content, a process that often leaves him in agonizing deliberation over whether or not to share it with the world.

Favorite apps: primarily Supercast for when Warpcast goes down and Farcaster dashboards created by @ilemi and @pixel 

Favorite channels: vip and arrakis

Cover art by Cameron Armstrong
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Cast of the week, curated by Cameron Armstrong. Open edition, free mint on Zora for one week. Casted by @july.

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