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Snapshot 036

Outcasters Snapshot 036 is curated by Rachel S. T. Wood, a full-time global explorer who, in 2018, quit her office job and sold everything to travel around the world. Venturing beyond her comfort zones, she is propelled by curiosity and a thirst for adventure. 

Besides photography, Rachel takes pleasure in enjoying delicious food, immersing herself in books, and savoring remote places free from crowds. She despises mosquitoes with the passion of a thousand suns and prefers snowy landscapes over beaches.

Her favorite Farcaster channels include itookaphoto, dont-do-this, and farcasther. Additionally, she hosts channels such as artofliving, goodvibes, rachelstwood, earth, shot-on-iphone, onlyfeet, onlyfrens, degenandchill, dronewars, and several others, with plans to gradually grow them over time.

Cover art by Rachel S. T. Wood
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