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Snapshot 038

Outcasters Snapshot 038 is curated by Joseph Maggio, a chef dedicated to catering to diverse environments while fostering genuine connections and upholding ethical standards. With a decade of experience in Michelin-starred kitchens globally, including his recent role as Executive Sous Chef at the Restaurant at Meadowood, Joseph creates memorable dining experiences that showcase the community's fruits. His focus on sourcing, sustainability, and seasonal cuisine draws from diverse influences. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring various cultural cuisines with his wife Lydia, traveling, running, foraging, staging at different establishments, reading, and indulging in In-N-Out burgers. Joseph and Lydia are excited to cook at Mixer Wednesday night for FarCon and look forward to meeting everyone attending.

Joseph's favorite Farcaster apps are Warpcast, Tiles, and Paragraph. His preferred channels include food, music, poetry, outcasters, july, and farcon. He also hosts recipes, which I highly recommended following if you're not already doing so.

Cover art by Joseph Maggio
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Cast of the week, curated by Joseph Maggio. Open edition, free mint on Zora for one week. Casted by Angelika Kollin.

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