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Snapshot 040

Outcasters Snapshot 040 is curated by Renée Campbell, a floral macro photographer and AI artist. Through her art, Renée seeks to produce images that offer a unique perspective. With macro photography, she explores each flower, uncovering hidden worlds nestled between the petals. Through AI, she often uses her photography as seed images, maintaining a connection between the real world and the generated art. Renée prioritizes evoking emotions, intending for viewers to feel her art before fully comprehending it.

While working on the snapshot, Renée shared her experiences as both a mother and an artist who grapples with chronic migraines, resulting in chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other challenges that hinder clear thinking and mobility. Consequently, Renée doesn’t venture out much but cherishes moments spent with her husband and sons. To articulate her experience, she created an NFT collection on Solana, serving as a visual diary reflecting the idea that we often lose ourselves only to rediscover who we are, repeatedly. We are in a perpetual state of being lost and found.

Renée’s favorite Farcaster channels are photography, art, and ITAP. She also hosts flora and her personal channel, RenneCampbell. To learn more about Renée, I suggest visiting her website.

Cover art by Renée Campbell
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Cast of the week, curated by Renée Campbell. Open edition, free mint on Zora for one week. Casted by Joanna.

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