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Snapshot 041

Outcasters Snapshot 041 is curated by Max Jackson, a full-time artist and co-host of the /cryptoart Farcaster channel. Max's journey from part-time work at the YMCA to renting his own art studio was made possible by selling art and Hypersub subscriptions (Muse Token). Aside from his artistic endeavors, he's actively involved in building up the Cryptoart DAO and developing tools to empower channel participants to be more deeply involved.

When he's not working on pieces for a drop or a new project, Max is busy experimenting with new techniques at his studio. Lately, he's been experimenting with screenprinting and is stoked to start selling some cool t-shirts via frames on Farcaster. He also aspires to dive deeper into sewing to create unique 1/1 wearable—couture fashion pieces. On top of that, he's been dabbling in 3D printing and casting, with plans to venture into metalworking in the future.

Max's top Farcaster channels are /cryptoart, where he invests most of his time, /muse for sharing his own artwork, /gen-art, and /gifart. This week, he's been exploring new favorites like /emoji-walls and /post-photography.

Cover art by Max Jackson
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Cast of the week, curated by Max Jackson. Open edition, free mint on Zora for one week. Casted by Base.

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