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Snapshot 042

Outcasters Snapshot 042 is curated by Veekay, who is currently freelancing with crypto companies to assist them with community building, go-to-market strategies, and growth experiments. He's also actively developing Farsight, a powerful search and discovery tool for Farcaster.

During his downtime, Veekay indulges in gaming, watches YouTube videos (mostly centered around gaming and tech), and enjoys binge-watching anime. He proudly declares himself a Supercast maxi, with Supercast being his favorite Farcaster app.

Veekay's favorite Farcaster channels include football, six, replyguys, bad-takes, july, and cameron. He also hosts two channels of his own: farsight and fcbrah.

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This Week Last Year

Cast of the week, curated by Veekay. Open edition, free mint on Zora for one week. Casted by Katherine.

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