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Snapshot 027

This week's snapshot is curated by @pixel, someone I admire for his in-depth analyses of Farcaster data and fantastic taste in memes. He's kinda like a wizard, consistently producing impressive analyses, such as these examples here and here. Recently, he joined the Neynar team, where he'll be contributing to cool projects like the newly launched developer dashboard. During his free time, @pixel enjoys programming for fun and is particularly fond of experimenting with Clojure and Babashka. He also built this really useful Dune dashboard that provides insightful Farcaster metrics. Currently, his go-to Farcaster channels are memes for relaxation and quilibrium when he's ready to have his mind blown.

Cover Art: "Beyond" by ghostlinkz.eth

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Snapshot 027 (Jan 07 - 13, 2024)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 67,586
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 25,608

Data compiled using Neynar
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