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Outcasters Snapshot 039 is curated by Christin, who is a biotech strategy leader, a medical education expert, and holds a PhD in neuroscience. Additionally, she serves as an Interfaith Buddhist chaplain, a leadership coach, and a creative entrepreneur.

In the realm of web3, Christin co-hosts the BeavChris and BArt-Head Show with Artlu, a podcast catering to the Farcaster middle class. She is also working on a secret new project aimed at helping individuals express gratitude or troll their friends, all while improving their health somehow.

Outside of work, Christin is passionate about Buddhism, brainstorming quirky projects, cooking, and keeping things tidy. Her favorite Farcaster apps are: Supercast as a backup for when Warpcast is down, making $DEGEN tipping a breeze, and scheduling casts. Farchiver is perfect for saving casts, while Farcasteruserstats comes in handy for trolling friends.

For a rundown of her favorite channels, take a look at the cozycaster list she assembled. Christin is also hosting a few channels herself, covering spirituality, her personal channel, and the bcbhshow.

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